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Meet the team

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Founder & CEO

Jacquie Better known as Pryncess is a mother of 2 girls. She has a background in Business, Early Childhood, and Medical administration. She is a certified Life & Business coach. Pryncess believes in supporting everyone to help them grow. She enjoys hosting events and bringing women together for a good time. I am super resourceful. I believe that the future is female and we can grow stronger together. I want all women to know collaboration over competition will take us further.

If you would like to join the team please contact me today.


Stephanie better known as Kash is a mother of 2 young ladies. She has a background in Social Services and Medical Administration. She is very resourceful, with a bubbly personality. She loves to make everyone laugh and have a good time.



Karla is a married mother of 3 children. She is a registered Early childhood Educator and certified Event Planner. Karla has an extremely outgoing personality and has a passion for working with families within her community. 


Keiona is a mother of 2 boys. She is also an event planner and self-taught freelance graphic designer.

 She currently is transitioning to digital art/media.

 I strongly believe in collaboration between women for the better of us all. I encourage self-growth, education, and woman creating financial freedom for themselves using each one teaches one concept. 

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