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Meet the team



Founder & CEO

Jacquie, better known as Pryncess, is a remarkable woman with a passion for uplifting and empowering others. As a mother of two girls, she understands the importance of creating a supportive and nurturing environment. With a diverse background in Business, Early Childhood, and Medical administration, Jacquie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her endeavors.

As a certified Life & Business coach, Pryncess is committed to helping individuals reach their full potential. She firmly believes in the power of support and collaboration, knowing that when we come together, we can achieve remarkable growth. With her resourcefulness and dedication, Pryncess strives to provide valuable resources, guidance, and mentorship to those she works with.

One of Pryncess's joys is hosting events and bringing women together for a good time. She understands the importance of fostering connections and creating a community where women can thrive. Pryncess firmly believes that the future is female and that we can achieve greater strength and success through collaboration rather than competition.

With a mindset focused on collaboration and empowerment, Pryncess is passionate about supporting women and helping them realize their true potential. Her mission is to ensure that all women have the opportunity to grow, succeed, and make a meaningful impact in their lives and communities.

If you're ready to join a team that values collaboration, growth, and empowerment, reach out to Pryncess today. Together, we can create a brighter future where women support and uplift one another to achieve greatness.


Stephanie, better known as Kash, is an exceptional woman with a vibrant personality and a heart full of laughter. As a mother of two young ladies, she understands the importance of creating a joyful and nurturing environment.

With a background in Social Services and Medical Administration, Kash brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to her endeavors. Her resourcefulness shines through in everything she does, always finding creative solutions to challenges and providing support to those around her.

Kash's bubbly personality is contagious, and she has a natural talent for making everyone around her laugh and have a good time. Her infectious energy brings positivity and a sense of joy to any situation. Whether it's through lighthearted conversations or engaging activities, Kash knows how to create memorable moments and uplift those she interacts with.



Karla is a remarkable woman, a dedicated wife, and a loving mother of three beautiful children. As a registered Early Childhood Educator, she combines her passion for working with children.

With an outgoing personality that lights up any room, Karla has a natural gift for connecting with others. Her genuine warmth and compassion make her a trusted and beloved figure within her community. She cherishes the opportunity to work with families, supporting them and helping to create a nurturing environment for their children.

Karla's dedication to her work and her community is unwavering. She takes great pride in her ability to positively impact the lives of children and families. Through her boundless enthusiasm and commitment, she strives to make a lasting difference in the lives of those she serves.


Keiona is a dynamic woman, a devoted mother of two wonderful boys, and a multi-talented creative professional. With a background in event planning and self-taught skills in graphic design, she is now venturing into the exciting realm of digital art and media.

Keiona strongly believes in the power of collaboration among women. She understands that by supporting and uplifting one another, women can achieve remarkable things. Keiona is a strong advocate for self-growth, continuous education, and women creating financial freedom for themselves. She embraces the concept of "each one teaches one," fostering a community where women empower each other to succeed.

Keiona's journey in the creative field is marked by her passion, drive, and commitment to personal growth. Her dedication to collaboration and uplifting others serves as a guiding principle in her work and interactions with those around her.

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